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A winch is a mechanical device that is used to wind up a rope or cable; it generally consists of a winch drum that is attached to a crank. Winches that are used in heavy lifting industries can have sophisticated gear assemblies that are powered by hydraulic, pneumatic or combustible engine drives. Some applications may need a winch that includes a mechanical brake or ratchet to prevent the rope from unwinding. Safety Services Group stocks and supplies some of the most heavy duty hand winches, air winches, and electrical winches currently available in the market.


Hand Powered Winches: Hand winches are engineered to provide strength and eliminate high maintenance. Quality hand winches are constructed using solid steel gears and industrial strength components.

Electrical Powered Winches: Electrical powered winches are available in either fixed or portable options. These power winches offer machine cut gears, enclosed oil baths and durable cast aluminum construction. They also feature internal mechanical brakes.

Heavy Duty Winches: Heavy duty winches are intended for the most demanding lifting applications. They include enclosed machine cut gearing and worm/spur gears.

Custom Pneumatic winches and hoists: Designed and built to meet your application requirements.

Power choices include AC electric, DC electric or pneumatic motors. A wide variety of options and modifications are available including an extensive range of capacities, drum sizes and gear ratios.