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A hoist is a tool designed to lift and lower a specific load. Hoists make transporting loads of various sizes easy and safe. They are often classified by load capacity and source of power. Hoists can be powered manually, electrically, or by air. They typically use either wire rope or chain to lift materials.

Manual hoists

Manual hoists are durable and portable. These hoists, ratchet and hand chains, can handle loads of high capacity. High quality manual hoists are safe, reliable, and efficient. Safety Services Group offers a wide variety of manual hoists designed to provide a safe and stable lifting solution for client requirements.

1. Overload clutch standard feature on lever and chain hoists modern small body, compact, stamped steel construction
2. Fully machined steel load sheaves
3. TCast steel hook latches, instead of stamped steel
4. Fully enclosed gear train and caged internal bearing
5. All exposed parts are plated or powder coated for corrosion protection
6. Bottom hooks of chain hoist equipped with roller thrust bearings
7. Double pawl Weston style load brake

Electric hoists

Electric hoists provide a smooth, safe lifting solution. Used in a wide array of industries, electric hoists come with either chain or wire rope

1. Light weight, compact design and highly efficient motor, pressing steel structure, high strength body
2. Tensile safety hooks
3. Compact chain container, high strength plastic container having outstanding durability
4. Limit switch devices for the top and bottom ends, to switch off power automatically
5. Phase error display, to prevent motor running in case of incorrect wire connection