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Product Overview

Our Lifting Equipment forms a Key Part Of Our Core Business

The Safety Services Group difference

We are committed to providing our customers with a cost effective high quality product together with exceptional customer and after sales care. We are constantly developing ways in which we can improve our clients experience when working with Safety Services Group (SSG).

Safety Services Group manufactures and Stocks the widest variety of lifting equipment, gears, accessories and appliances to accommodate the requirements for lifting and rigging industries worldwide.

These include:
1. Steel Wire Ropes / Slings / Accessories
2. Alloy Chain / Slings / Accessories
3. Textile Slings
4. Cordage
5. Rigging Hardware and Tools
6. Hoists
7. Fall Protection Equipment
8. Personnel Lifting Devices
9. Winches
10. Lifting Beams and Spreaders

SSG carries a wide variety of slings to accommodate the lifting and rigging industries in UAE and worldwide. Our sling products range from alloy chain sling, round sling, synthetic sling, metal mesh sling, single and multiple leg sling, web slings, and many more. Read more information on all of our Sling products.

SSG Solutions fabricates custom lifting devices for our clients. This line consists of bottle lifters, drum lifters, forklift attachments, spreader bars, lifting beams, material baskets, pad eyes, Personnel Lifting Devicess, personnel lifting, scaffold baskets, and many more. Read more information on all of our products.

Wire Rope is used continuously in the lifting and rigging industries. SSG carries many different kinds of wire rope in order to accommodate the needs of the industry. Our general purpose wire rope is manufactured by Various Rope Industries and our high performance wire rope comes from High quality Wire Rope manufacturers. Read more information on our Wire Rope products.

We keep in stock Rigging Hardware products from various manufacturers. They specialize in rigging hardware for wire rope and chain. SSG carries IP clamps, hooks and swivels, blocks, shackles, sling saver fittings, wire rope end fittings and many more. Read more information on all of our Rigging Hardware products.

Along with Plate Clamps, SSG’s Rigging Accessories include Hydraulic Rams, Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Air Bags, Rollers, and Lifting Magnets. SSG carries Rigging Accessories manufactured by JC Renfroe, Crosby, Power Team, Hilman Rollers, and Walker Magnetics. Read more information on all of our Rigging Accessories products.

SSG carries Manual, Electric and Air Powered Hoists manufactured by various international reputed manufacturers. Read more information on all of our Hoist Products.

At SSG, we carry Hand Powered Winches, Electrical Powered Winches and Heavy Duty Winches manufactured by various reputed winch manufacturers. Read more information on all the different winches we carry.

SSG offers Tie Downs for all lifting and transporting needs. SSG Tie Down styles include Winch Style, Ratchet Style, Flat Bed Tow Truck Style, Grade 3, 4, & 7 and many more. Read more information on all of our BLP Tie Down products.

SSG Sells high quality, durable cordage of various styles. These include Manila Rope, Nylon Rope, Poly-Dac Rope and Polypropylene Rope. Read more information about the different Cordage that SSG sells and which one is right for you and your lifting needs.

SSG carries Fall Protection Equipment systems to keep your workers safe in treacherous situations and environments. We carry Full Body Harnesses, Safety Straps, Body Belts, Lanyards and Self Retracting Lifelines. Read more information on our Fall Protection Equipment Systems.

SSG carries lifting clamps manufactured by Bash –P, JC Renfroe, Campbell and Crosby. Plate clamps come in horizontal or vertical. Read more information on our Plate Clamp products.

SSG Solutions developed a safer way to lift personnel in the oil field with the creation of the various types’ Personnel Lifting Devicess and work platforms to suit the different needs of our clients. Read more information on Personnel Lifting Devices.

SSG's wire rope accessories include wire rope swagers, pullers and cutters. We carry Wire Rope accessories manufactured various international reputed manufacturers. Read more information on all of our Wire Rope Accessories products.