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Engineering & In-house Project Services

Safety Services Group engineering and design resource covers a wide range of disciplines and work scopes including mechanical, structural, marine, oil and gas engineering, all supported by the latest technology.

Additionally for projects such as general fabrication we can either design your requirements in-house or provide additional support to your engineering teams on an ad hoc basis. With our in-house engineering capability you have the option of either providing us with the drawings of the components that you require to be fabricated or we can design and build to your requirements. Safety Services Group has a proven track record for responding quickly to the customer requirements for urgent orders, ensuring that client projects are not delayed. Our priority is to ensure we work fast to efficiently meet the clients’ immediate project needs.

We offer a wide range of In-house services, such as
1. Fabrication of spreader beams, spreader bars, container lifting beams.
2. Fabrication of man baskets, material baskets, cylinder racks and stands
3. Fabrication of specialized hooks and fittings
4. Fabrication of fishplates, mooring bits and bollards
5. Fabrication of sinkers and buoys
6. Operational assessments