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Lifting Eyebolts & Eye Nuts, Lifting and Lashing Points

Eye Bolts and Eye Nuts are also commonly known in the lifting industry as lifting eyes and are available in a wide range of metric and imperial sizes, as well as high tensile steel or stainless steel options. They vary in shape and size and include DIN standard eye bolts, Collar BS4278 Standard Eyebolts, Long Shank, Dynamo type and Eyebolts with built-in Oval Links. Lifting Eye Capacities (WLL - Working Load Limit) are available online from 95kg all the way up to 50 tonnes from standard equipment and greater capacities as special bespoke manufactured. A swivel lifting/lashing point is also commonly referred to as a hoisting eye or load ring as well as a lifting point. Lifting and lashing products available to buy online here are high quality lifting/hoisting points manufactured quality manufacturers. Our weld-on lifting and lashing points rotate through 360 degrees and pivot through 180 degrees. Standard capacities are up to 50 tonne with greater capacities available on request. All eyebolts must be installed and tested as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

SSG offers a great variety of styles are offered to try ensure that we have a fitting to suit our customer's application. Stainless steel lifting eyebolts are used where there is the potential of corrosion contamination or failure caused by corrosion. We offer different types of stainless steel eyebolts including stainless steel swivel eye bolts with link that will automatically adjust to the direction of the load. Other lifting eye bolts in this category include special manufactured bolt-on eyebolt plates available for permanent or temporary installation for fitting to an overhead beam to create a lifting point or fall arrest anchorage point. We also offer in this category of the shop ISO container lifting eyes are also referred to as container lifting lugs designed to connect to the top, side or bottom of ISO shipping Containers (International Organization for Standardization)