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Rigging Hardware

Q. How do I know the correct shackle type for my application?
A: Round Pin Shackles can be used in tie down, towing, suspension or lifting applications where the load is strictly applied in-line. Screw Pin Shackles can be used in any application where a round pin shackle is used. In addition, screw pin shackles can be used for applications involving side-loading circumstances. Reduced working load limits are required for side-loading applications. While in service, do not allow the screw pin to be rotated by a live line, such as a choker application. Bolt-Type Shackles can be used in any applications where round pin or screw pin shackles are used. In addition, they are recommended for permanent or long term installations and where the load may slide on the shackle pin causing the pin to rotate.
Q. How do I know if my lifting hook is in good condition?
A: You should remove your hook from service if Remove if, there is any of the following:
  • Bending or twisting exceeding 10° from the plane of an unbent hook
  • Increase in throat opening exceeding 15 percent
  • Wear exceeds 10 percent of the original cross sectional dimension
  • Hook latch is inoperative or missing (where provided)
  • Cracks, nicks gouges
  • Damaged hook attachment or securing means
  • Manufacturer's identification is missing or not legible
  • Heat damaged or weld splattered
  • Other visible damage that causes doubt as to integrity of the hook
  • Q. What does WLL mean on my rigging?
    A: WLL is the abbreviation for Working Load Limit. It means the maximum allowable load that a piece of rigging equipment can safely lift; it is also sometimes called “rated load” or “rated capacity”.

    Rigging users must be aware that the WLL of a piece of rigging may be reduced by several factors such as temperature, environment, and angle of loading or type of hitch used.
    Q. How many slings can I place on a hook?
    A: This would depend on the style of hook being used, For a regular Single Point Hook it is recommended that a maximum of 2 slings are used on the hook, if the user needs to use more than 2 slings to lift the load then a collector ring such as a Link or Shackle should be used between the Hook and the Slings.

    If the hook is a Duplex or Quad Hook (2 or 4 pointed) then the Hook points must be equally loaded to balance the forces on the Hook.
    Q. My Eyebolts don’t have a WLL marked on them, are they safe to use?
    A: The international standard says: Each turnbuckle, eyebolt, and eye nut shall be marked to show
  • name or trademark of manufacturer
  • size or rated load
  • grade for alloy eyebolts
  • So the WLL limit does not have to be marked on the Eyebolt if the size is, as the user you must make yourself aware of the WLL by referring to the manufacturer’s specification for the style, size and material of the Eyebolts you are using.