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Proof Test Services

Slings, wire rope, rigging hardware, mooring lines, oilfield equipment, and structural components are proof tested or load tested to validate the overall integrity of the item.  This integrity is based on the material the item is made from, as well as the splices, welds, epoxy, stitching, or swaging used for terminations.  These items are load tested to a predetermined percentage above the rated capacity recommended by the manufacturer, BS, ASME B30.9 Slings standard, API standards, or customer specific policies.  The proof test serves as a pass or fail certificate at the time of test.

Proof testing can be performed on different types of equipment.  Linear items like wire rope, slings, and chain are normally proof tested in horizontal hydraulic test bed machines.  Spreader bars can be done the same way, but can also be tested from a crane suspending water bag weights or solid test weights.  Personnel and material baskets can also be tested using dead weights.  Hoists are normally tested in vertical test frames.

Pad eye, lifting lugs, and trunions are normally proof tested with special hydraulic testing cylinders or portable test fixtures.   These items are welded it on equipment and require special handling and fit-up at time of test.

More and more customers are now requiring proof testing on all slings.  Proof Testing was driven by the offshore drilling industry and is mandated in the ASME B30.0 “Slings” standard on alloy chain slings, metal mesh slings, and any sling that has been modified or repaired.

Our largest proof test bed can test up to 1000 metric tons.

Items always proof tested when new:
1. Alloy Chain Slings
2. Metal Mesh Slings
3. Lifting Devices – Spreader Bars, Lifting Beams
4. Socket Lines – Raising Lines, Pendant Lines, lines with a swaged or poured sockets
5. Any sling that has been repaired or modified

Items often proof tested when new, but not always:
1. Wire Rope Slings
2. Synthetic Web Slings
3. Roundslings
4. Rigging Hardware
5. Hoists
6. Winches

SSG deploys proof testing services in all of its branches.

Third Party witness testing is available if necessary.