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Hiring and Repair Services

Safety Services Group is dedicated to providing you with the equipment you need to get your lifting job done. Hiring equipment takes away the responsibility of inspection and maintenance from you as we provide inspected certified equipment that is regally tested for immediate use.

Our experienced, highly skilled personnel will provide you with top quality service in compliance with LOLER and working at height regulations. We offer an incredibly broad range of hoisting, pulling, jacking, access/material handling, load measurement, and safety equipment as well as general tackle.

Our OEM trained personnel can inspect, identify possible repairs that need to be carried out, if necessary, repair, Proof load test and recertify the following:
1. Gunnebo Johnson (USA) – Sheaves and Crane Blocks
2. Tractel (France) – Hoists, Winches, Fall Arrester Blocks, Dynafor Load Cells - Repair, Testing and Certification
3. DLM (UK) – Load Cells – Repair, Testing and Certification
4. Pneumatic Manbaskets, Pneumatic and Electric Winches, Hoists, Davits – Repair, Testing and Certification
5. We repair, service and refurbish a vast range of lifting equipment including chain slings, plate clamps, lever hoists, lifting magnets, lever & chain blocks, fabricated items, magnetic particle testing, crane hook blocks and re-swaging of wire ropes

Shown in this section is an always growing list of the types of equipment we offer for rent.

1. Shackles
2. Wire Rope Slings
3. Chain Slings
4. Grommets
5. Lifting and Spreader Beams
6. Water Bags
7. Solid Concrete and Steel Weights
8. Life Boat testing Kit
9. Pad Eye Testing Kit
10. Clamps
11. Hooks
12. Hoists
13. Chain Blocks
14. Winches
15. Lever Lifts
16. Tirfors
17. Wire Rope Pullers
18. Fall Arrestor Blocks
19. Hydraulic Jacks
20. Skates
21. Dynamometer
22. Spooling Winches
And more..

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