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Quality & Traceability

Qualified certification processes and procedures are critical to safety in the lifting and rigging industry. In addition, it’s important that all certification testing data is well documented, stored, and traceable to the specific piece of equipment.

Safety Services Group takes a very deliberate approach to quality and traceability by ensuring:
1. All equipment is shipped complete with load testing & inspection documentation
2. All inspections are performed by qualified, certified inspection professionals
3. Load testing is conducted at 100% – 150% of rated load on state-of-the-art equipment, either on site or at our facilities.
4. Load testing machinery is calibrated annually by third parties
5. Dynamic load testing is performed to simulate live loads
6. Customer witnessing is available on request
7. Certifications and related documentation are maintained online for the customer at no additional charge

Inspection Services include:
1. Vessel inspections
2. Slings, Blocks, Shackles, etc.
3. Non-Destructive Testing (NET), including visual examination, liquid penetrant, black light, magnetic particle, X-ray and others by qualified personnel – with up to Level III certified inspectors – to meet standards as set by recognized bodies such as ASTM, LEEDS and others.
4. Pad eye testing
5. Monorail testing
6. Basket inspections
7. Hooks, mounts, critical welds

Safety Services Group offers complete certification, inspection and re-inspection services for a wide range of industry lifting and rigging gear.

You can trust the quality and care Safety Services Group provides every time we inspect, test and re-certify your critical lifting equipment.