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Crane Inspection and Lifting Gear

Crane & Hoists

Hoist and Crane inspections and testing are performed in accordance with applicable BS, ASME B30, API, OSHA 1910/1926, CMAA 70/74, SNT-TC-1A, current industry standards, and manufacturers recommendations.  A thorough visual examination is critical and required on all hoists and cranes with specific frequencies.  Wire Rope and Hooks on cranes shall be inspected monthly according to BS, EN, ASME B30 standards.

Slings & Loose Lifting Gear

With our origins in sling fabrication and lifting devices, our inspectors have industry leading experience and training.  Slings and loose lifting gear are often overlooked and should be maintained with a regimented inspection program to assure compliance. Proof testing of slings and loose lifting gear is also very common and recommended. Our portable proof testing equipment lets us come to you and minimizes down time.

Inspections include:
1. Third party, unbiased evaluations
2. Load testing (if applicable)
3. Closing meeting with the client upon completion
4. Non-compliant/recommendation report (if applicable)
5. Certification as per British or International Standards (as applicable)

Inspections Available for both Onshore & Offshore
1. Mobile Cranes
2. Boom Trucks
3. Overhead Cranes
4. Gantry Cranes
5. Pedestal Cranes
6. Hoists
7. Aerial Work Platforms
8. Rigging Hardware
9. Marine and Ship Cranes
10. Lifeboats and Davits
11. Winches
12. Bollard tests for vessels
13. BOP’s and Cranes
14. Towing system / arrangement