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Scramble net

The scramble net is used on high-sided vessels, within rescue zones and for mass recovery/evacuation during survival at sea. Our service offers the flexibility to meet any client requirements by tailoring a scramble net system to suit any vessel. The scramble net is fixed to the deck or rail to enable deployment within seconds and can be easily rolled up for stowage.

Helideck/helipad nets

Safety Services Group is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of high quality Helideck Nets. Our Helideck Nets are made from synthetic as well as natural ropes, and are known for their impressive strength.

Cargo Nets

We specialize in the manufacturing and exporting of Cargo Nets that are made from strong and durable natural and synthetic ropes.

Some of the benefits include:
1. Disposable
2. Economical
3. Easy to use
4. Variety of roll sizes
5. Highly visible
6. Minimal wind resistance

Generally the border rope is 32mm and inside rope is 24mm. With 4”X4” up to 8” x 8” mesh size, or as per your requirement.

Safety Net

Safety netting provides protection for many applications such as:

1. High-rise construction work
2. Protecting workers on scaffolding
3. Fragile roofing

It is reusable and can be moved from one location to another.

Product Specifications

Standard specification is manufactured from polypropylene rope. Generally the border rope is 12mm diameter and inside rope is 8mm diameter. Our 4”x 4”/ 3” x 3” mesh safety net comes with 10mm x 10mm HDPE netting attached, and manufactured as per clients specifications.

Braided Nets

Safety Services Group manufactures braided safety nets, with a mesh of 1” x 1”, with either 12mm diameter or 8 mm diameter polypropylene border rope with four corner ropes, and extra ropes at equal intervals as per client requirements.