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Fall Protection Equipment

What is Fall Protection Equipment?

Fall Protection Equipment systems are safety equipment that is used to protect workers in treacherous situations and environments, providing some assurance of protection in the event of a fall. These Fall Protection Equipment systems include safety harnesses, netting systems, body belts, lifelines and confined space descent equipment. The four major sectors that use Fall Protection Equipment equipment include: Construction, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Transportation.

Types of Fall Protection Equipment

  • Tractel Fall protection harnesses are designed to keep workers safe by preventing and stopping falls. TRACTEL® Ltd, Fallstop division offers a variety of harnesses and belts, customized to your working environment.

  • TRACTEL® Fall Protection Harnesses are full body apparatus designed to restrain workers in the event of a fall.
    Fall protection and rescue harnesses are part of a personal fall protection system:
  • It must be connected to an anchorage point at all times.
  • It is also designed for rescue operations: it allows a user to be properly supported and suspended throughout the operation. It must be connected to a winch or controlled descent device that is connected to an anchorage point.
  • SSG offers a great variety of styles, which are offered to try ensuring that we have a fitting to suit our customer's application from various international reputed brands.