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Consulting Services

Safety Services Group provides one of its kinds of consulting services in various sectors of the industries. Safety Services Group offers consulting services to contractors specializing in heavy rigging and ironwork. We provide engineering for designing erection schemes for lifting and jacking heavy structures. We are familiar with and design schemes that incorporate rigging tackle and equipment, including strand jacks, can jacks, cranes, lifting brackets, slings, wire rope, strand, reeving, jacks, etc. A heavy equipment consultant should be an industry expert with a broad knowledge of all subjects related to assessing your business needs and helping you improve safety, increase productivity, and lower maintenance costs. Important consulting services include that are rendered by Safety Services Group, but are not limited to:

1. Safety assessments
2. Performance strategy creation
3. Operational efficiency studies
4. Policy creation
5. Safety programs
6. Operational assessments
7. Ongoing support
8. Training program creation
9. Expert witness testimony and technical preparation
10. General safety audits
11. Safety officers
12. H2S supervision
13. Fall arrestor programs
14. Fire and safety workshop
15. Food safety